The proofs are in the pudding…

…the pudding being Stirland Paterson’s online proofing system Insite.

Developed by KODAK, one of the World’s leading technology companies, Insite is a Web-based Proofing System providing our customers with secure 24/7 access to their jobs. Our customers can submit jobs, collaborate on changes, and review and approve work – anytime, anywhere.

We at Stirland Paterson have been using Insite technology since 2010, but since we upgraded to the latest version of the software, we can now use it to its full potential and integrate with our MIS system EFI Pace – making our ambition for full automation an achievable goal.

Our philosophy at Stirland Paterson is that Printing isn’t just ink on paper (sometimes it’s toner!), it’s much more than that. Getting your job produced is a journey and we use technology in every part of our business to make that journey as smooth as possible. Insite is the outset and customer satisfaction is the destination.

The main benefits of Insite for our customers are –

  • Secure access to proofs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Proofs have been through our ‘Preflight Software,’ so what you see on screen is what gets produced

  • Approval notifications are sent straight to our Production team – speeding up the Production process

  • And what’s more, it’s easy to use!

For more information on how to interact with the Stirland Paterson Insite Proofing System, check out our helpful how to guide.

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