“They look great!”

Thank you for turning around the booklets for us, they look great!

Operations Director

“Look Fantastic!”

Just a quick note to say the brochures came through in the post thing morning and look fantastic! Really pleased with how they’ve turned out — thanks again for turning those rounds so quickly for us, great job.

Graphic Designer

“Thank You”

I just wanted to thank you for the speedy turnaround of the shelf strips, they are really nice, if I get anymore inquiries I will send them through to you.

“This week has been above and beyond anything I’ve done before”

I’ve found I’ve left with an obsession with paper. Through learning about the textures, colours, thicknesses, finishes, layered paper even the effects used when ink sits on the page to make a texture. So, at the printers the inner child on Christmas day came out excited by every detail that goes into the finish product.

Before this week I pictured a printer’s being a massive normal printer like you’d find at home.

To say I was overwhelmed when we arrived at the printer’s is a broad understatement.

This week has been above and beyond anything I’ve done before.

“It Looks Great”

Just a quick one to say we’re all really pleased with the quality of PPC89. It looks great. Thank you so much for getting them over for the event!

Communications Officer

“She’s Thrilled”

All arrived safely and delivered to Emma’s room! Not sure if that was the bike rider in helmet or the hotel but great service!

She’s thrilled. Thanks for turning it around so quickly, she also fed back how wonderful they look.

Brand Consultant & Director

“You have been great to work with”

A quick email to provide some feedback and say thank you for the file copy product guides I received this morning and also the catalogues Stirland have printed for us recently, we are very pleased with the final result on both.

As a supplier you have been great to work with and we appreciate the hard work and support you have provided on our first few requirements. It’s not often you find a supplier that does such a great job and provides the high levels of customer service and quality that fit with our own principles.

Any future requirements that we have for print I will ensure Stirland are given the opportunity to quote and will provide feedback if necessary.

I look forward to working with you on future requirements and wish all at Stirland a Happy Christmas and cheerful New Year.

Sales Engineer

“Big Thanks”

I just wanted to take the time to say a big thanks for pulling out the stops with printing the last Great Deals and the Inserts, we had to change the artwork last minute and I appreciate you were up against it but you pulled the stops out.

As always great service.

Retail Marketing Manager

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