Multi Channel

Didn’t getting in touch with your customers used to be easy? You created your marketing material, had it printed and you posted it out.

Don’t get us wrong direct mail is a useful tool in getting your message out there, but there is so much more you can do now. We can put together and implement a cross media campaign that will be high impact, at affordable prices.

Obviously email now plays a massive part in how we communicate, so we can add that option in. But why stop there? How about sending your customers something that has a way to respond that is unique to them, for example, a personalised URL that includes their name, or a barcode to scan that takes them to a personalised home page? Or if you want to reach them on the move what about SMS marketing? 

The possibilities go on (and on and on!). We’re here to help you devise the best strategy to meet your objectives, and then we will implement the full campaign for you.

"Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle!"

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