The Stirland Paterson Group is here to help you get your marketing message across, however you want it done.


We started up in 1996 as a print company, but as the times have changed we’ve changed with them. We are as passionate about print as we have always been, but we know that sometimes you need to use other methods to reach your audience, so we make sure our expertise covers these too.

By always investing in the latest technology, and carrying out continuous staff development, we make sure we’re the best at what we do.

We can provide you with a complete service from idea conception, through design and print, to fulfilment and distribution. Plus all of this is done in-house at our site in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, meaning that you don’t have to shop around.

You found the final clue!

Although found not to be the actual murder weapon, there was also a garden spade found at the scene.

Have you solved this mystery?

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