Direct Smile, The latest Investment by Stirland Paterson

Last week our Directors got to attend Drupa, the world’s largest printing equipment exhibition, which takes place in Düsseldorf every 4 years. The exhibition is a chance for the ‘big name’ suppliers in the printing industry to showcase their latest developments and upcoming technologies. Amongst the exhibitioners were EFI, who already provide us with their MIS system ‘Pace’ and W2P/Cross Media platform ‘OPS.’ Our Directors were shown the latest enhancements to these pieces of software, as well as a first-hand demonstration of their flagship product ‘DirectSmile.’

What is DirectSmile?

Those privy, may remember DirectSmile as being at the cutting edge of image personalisation technology, allowing the creation of novelty artwork such as your name in the clouds. However, the software has been developed into so much more than this.

Combining ‘serious’ VDP, Cross Media and Web2Print elements, DirectSmile allows users to personalise and automate marketing across web, email, social and print media and also integrate seamlessly with our other EFI products.

Investing in DirectSmile has been high on the agenda for Stirland Paterson for a while, but seeing the demo at Drupa ‘sealed the deal’ in our Director’s minds and we signed the contract there and then!

We believe that DirectSmile will take Stirland Paterson from being more than a company that just supplies ink on paper, but a company that is able to offer its customers an end-to-end, cross media marketing solution.

It’ll be a few months before the software is installed and ready to demonstrate ourselves, but more details of the software can be found on EFI’s website here.

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