Getting creative with your paper folds


Getting creative with your paper folds

Wondering what the best paper fold for your next marketing campaign would be?

Here at Stirland Paterson Group we like to offer as many types of paper folds as possible, from a 6-page Concertina to a 16-page Broadsheet, we can produce it all! Here is a little bit of information (and some examples) on different types of fold, paired with common print marketing material.

Half Fold

A standard, traditional fold

USE FOR: Booklets, Newsletters, Magazines, Informative leaflets, Reviews, Greeting cards, Catalogues

Tri Fold

A fun and exciting, yet simple fold

USE FOR: Leaflets, Flyers, Newsletters

Z/Concertina Fold

Each page of the fold is the same size and opens out into one long piece of print, perfect for artwork running from one page to the next

USE FOR: Image-heavy print, Brochures, Booklets

Open Gatefold

A fold to use for more exciting and enticing marketing campaigns, making readers open and want to read more

USE FOR: Brochures, Leaflets, Greeting cards, Announcements, Invitations

Parallel Fold

Creating 8 individual printed panels to showcase your products or services

USE FOR: Brochures, Leaflets, Catalogues

French Fold

A great folding technique used to fold and send larger types of print

USE FOR: Posters, Wall Charts, Wall calendars, Large print

Broadsheet Fold

The traditional, newspaper style fold, giving your print an antique and professional feel

USE FOR: Newsletters, Newspapers, Exhibition/Show materials

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