20 Years on…

…still going strong

In 1996, a pint of beer was £1.60, a litre of petrol was 38p and Trainspotting was a hit at the box office, but more importantly, a legacy was born.

In this year in a back street garage in Stapleford, with a team of just two and one printing press, Simon Stirland and John Paterson began the Stirland Paterson Printing business.

Today it’s not only the price of beer and petrol that have dramatically changed, our site is now split across 3 factories and over 40,000 square feet with 60 plus dedicated employees.

Although printing is still in our DNA, we have expanded the services we offer to accommodate the changing times and the evolution of technology. Just some of our established skill sets range from creative and design, large format, personalisation and web2print, more information can be found on our services page.

Our ongoing success would be impossible without the support of  our loyal customers who we have cemented great relationships with throughout our 20 years. Our growth is also attributed to our great team who remain committed to our vision and to the success of our customers.

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